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How do I respond to Hard Turns in Life?

Welcome back for the 9th installment in season one of BetaHaus.Life! In this episode, ElizaBeth & Benjamin talk through the components that go along with taking a hard turn in life. Working from their own experiences, and others they’ve seen people take, they’ll trace out the ways to know what’s best practice with hard turns,…

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Stories to Stretch You: Taking Transition Head On & in a Healthy Way with Half of Hazel

Halfway There Welcome back to another installment of BetaHaus.Life. We’re super glad to have the guys from Half of Hazel in the studio today. Brent Kozel & Nick Haugen. Nick is original from Au Claire, Wi, and moved to San Diego in 2016. Brent is from Barrington, Il, a suburb of Chicago. He’s been here…

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Stories to Stretch You: Nik Marie & Planning to Win

MeetUps Are Awesome We met Nik at a local meetup recently, and she had a story that we really wanted to share with you. Nik is the president at NIK PR Boutique here in San Diego. They specialize in building brands, helping clients tell their story and grow their influence through their own individual perspectives &…

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Stories to Stretch You: Rand Booth & Smoking the Competition

Where there’s Smoke… Today’s episode features special guest, Rand Booth, founder and owner/operator of The Smoking Gnome, a cottage industry in the South Park neighborhood in San Diego, California. Rand is venturing into something new, in that he uses wood smoke in the process of roasting his coffee beans. Rand is a chef on the…

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Help! How Do I Balance Focus & Flexibility?

Purpose in Moving Forward Today’s episode is all about vision, focus & flexibility. Over the last 2 years, ElizaBeth has had plenty of time to ruminate on the pathways & purpose of Beta Haus Studio. If you’ve started a business, or are thinking about starting one, you’ll understand how your initial dream winds up changing…

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Stories to Stretch You: Russ Cantu & Never Compromising Your Margin

The Unexpected Journey Russ is a California native who grew up in Silicon Valley, and while in the prime spot to live a cushy life chose to answer the call for ministry. While this pathway was right & significant for him, it wasn’t the choice his family would have picked. The stage was set for…

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