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Where are you going?

Welcome to the podcast! Today’s episode is an exploration of location and how it affects us. One the course of the next couple of episodes, we’re going to dig deeper with two guests who are experts on San Diego or knowing what it means to adjust to very new, very different environments. In this episode, Benjamin & ElizaBeth discuss the decisions they made, and the components involved in the start up of Beta Haus Studio. 

Skater Grandpa

You can open a business absolutely anywhere. It’s physically possible. It may not be fiscally responsible. Every location may not be what’s best for your business. Every community, every neighborhood, every city is going to have it’s own flavor. Benjamin points out that it may not be the best idea to start up a skate shop in the middle of a retirement community. Again, you could do it & market it toward the grandkids, setting up a cool place for them to hang out when they’re in visiting. But that may not be a consistent business model.

Location in Hindsight

When ElizaBeth first started thinking about the concept behind Beta Haus Studio, she had a certain location and set up in mind. We were in Louisville, Kentucky at the time. It’s a city of just over million people, and there are definitely areas of town where the studio would and wouldn’t make sense. In Louisville, there’s an abundance of old store under, house over buildings near the downtown area. We could have set up the studio downstairs, offices or living area upstairs and done something very personal with the space.

In Louisville, there’s not a prolific number of coworking spaces like there are here in San Diego. But there’s also a centrally located airport and with Louisville  being a centrally located city, there’s air traffic running over most areas of town. Here in San Diego, the air traffic patterns are pretty well set. Liberty Station, for example, has a pretty loud air traffic presence. You’d have to build a subterranean bunker to do quality audio recording there. But where we’re located today in downtown San Diego, we can see the air traffic coming in & going out, but we can’t hear it at all. 
For many businesses, loud art traffic means lower rent & leasing rates. But when you need quality audio, consistent, unescapable roars don’t help convince clients that you’re looking after their best interests or that you care about the quality of what you’re doing. 
There’s a reason why you don’t see Lamborghini dealers in the middle of industrial parks, or boat salesmen in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Some locations make sense, other just don’t.

Putting things on hold

Sometimes changing locations works out really well. Maybe it means your business is doing well enough that you can move out of that low rent space and into the life patterns of your ideal client. That’s a good space to be in. Sometimes it means learning to rework what you’re doing to meet changing demographics because your location is changing around you. You get introduced to new concepts, new ideas and new ways to get things done simply because of what’s going on around you. 
For us, we wound up moving before we could implement anything or get things started. So the location we had in mind shifted…and into something better. Fast forward a bit, and we’re in our first location, things are moving along, and one day we are simply out of room. The office was full, the studio was in use & ElizaBeth had nowhere to sit. Our location was beginning to feel it’s first problems. Now, we know that we are going to move a couple of blocks over, but that’s only after they finish construction on our permanent location. Sometimes you have to wait to get things done, to expand into a space that fits you better or to be where your ideal clients want to find you. Until that time comes, you have to hustle in different ways, make accommodations and be patient so you can make smart business decisions. 

Growing Locations

Now, like most business owners, we have plans for growing Beta Haus Studio. We’re already looking at our second location in north county, and laying out options and prospects for future growth into other areas in the country. But we have to wait, we have to work the process. But even as we wait, we’re planning, we’re thinking about different layouts, options and environments where Beta Haus Studio could pop up, and help democratize content creation for people everywhere. 
People shouldn’t have to wait to be heard if their message is ready, or even if they are wanting to stretch their influence or impact. We have a vision beyond just being where we are and doing well. Instead, we have a desire to grow so that other people do well. We have a desire to see individuals, nonprofits, businesses & other organizations do what they do well & have no hindrances in being heard. 
Your business may be in an awesome spot, but are you considering where else people might need you and what you’re doing? If you’re not a brick and mortar location like we are, how are you expanding your location-based marketing to find those people who need the services & skills that you’re offering. Who will need what you offer in 5 years? 10 years? How do the needs for what you offer grow into a different area? How can you be the first one on the ground & ready to offer what you do for people even as they begin to think about their needs in your realm of expertise?

Prepared for changing locations & priorities

For us, in the season we’re in right now, we have to be mindful of our 3 kids and their needs. We deal with schools, jobs, friends & college. We’re pretty centrally located for our current needs, but this season has less than 6 years left. Once we’re empty-nesters, we can really tighten down on what we need/want for space & be a lot more defined on what we want in a neighborhood & location. We love where we are now, but we’re fully prepared to make changes in a few years when our needs change. 
But for now, our kids & our family are the priority. Your personal needs & the needs of your business may be very different. Your lifestyle choices & desires may require more or less for you, but you need to find balance somehow in-between your work life & your home life. Finding that space where you can relax, slow down and dream a little matters, too, so make sure to keep that in mind when you consider the locations that will affect you and your business or organization.
What matters the most for you in location? What helps you plant your foot down and say “Yes! This is my space?” Let us know in the comments below.

The Last Bits

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