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Welcome back to yet another installment of BetaHaus.Life! This week’s episode has special guest, Lisa Remillard in the studio to talk about knowing when to take hard turns in life. Lisa’s hard turn came in the midst of a 15 year career anchoring the news. It was the job she wanted from age 4, through her childhood and all the way until she began her work in Tallahassee, Florida. She jumped up through the ranks and markets until she became an anchor in Las Vegas and then transferred to San Diego.

Living the Dream

So many times, people don’t know the behind-the-scenes of presenting the news. Sometimes it means setting up with your photographer in dark, scary places to cover a recent murder, an accident or some other difficult situation. Everything comes in raw & unfiltered & then that newscaster has to process all those difficult details and regurgitate it clear 7 concise in 30 seconds. But even after the story has been shared, all those raw experiences that were so freshly encountered get to stay with you as you go about your day. After the camera stops, they are still there talking to the people on the scene, almost working as a therapist. Not to mention the crazy hours and what that does to your body. You lose track of people as you miss holidays and gatherings, and maintaining a connection becomes more and more difficult. There are no “off” days, and you signed up for it all. 
But because you love doing it, you love journalism & your love the process, you keep on pushing forward. 

In for 15 years

Lisa’s end goal was to get home to L.A., to have her dream job and be near family. Getting to San Diego was a dream coming together at 36. And what do you do after that? There’s so much time left to achieve things.  It took a lot of hard work & late nights to get here, but it came together pretty quickly. You can’t be at 36 and say, “Well, Ive done everything I wanted to do with my career.” It’s time to set some new goals.
There’s a culture, a club or competitiveness in the news community. You feel the pressure to always be “in the action” but Lisa knew she was at the end of her contract in San Diego. Getting up every day at 1:30am was taking its toll, she dealt with thyroid cancer, had her thyroid removed and had to get right back to work. Leaving the news grind behind was going to be tough, the station wanted her to stay, but she wanted to see what life was like “on the outside.” 
So, after a long struggle, she did it. She pulled the trigger and took the hard turn. 

Making the Turn

Lisa’s hard turn came in such a way that she was able to keep driving the car she had been traveling in. Along the way, in her news career, Lisa met Nichelle Medina. They were direct competitors in the morning news arena, but they also got along really well outside of that work-related field. 
Lisa had learned long ago, to do what you know, and so she and Nichelle landed on the fact that they knew video, storytelling & writing really well, they knew how to sell something in 5 seconds. They also knew they had achieved the highest levels in their field, and so it just made sense to put that experience and expertise together to create Blonde Raven Strategies. 
It’s a company that helps your business tell its story in a clear, compelling way, and if you need help building confidence in front of the camera, then Lisa & Nichelle have that experience in abundance to coach you through it all.

Get Another Hand on the Wheel

There’s no problem in asking for help. As a business owner, it’s actually the smartest thing you can do. When it comes to online videos, there’s a lot of competition. There’s a lot to sort through, a lot of opinions to sift through and it can make the process super confusing. It just makes sense to use your time wisely. Why not utilize the skillsets of the experts? Why not seek out those people who actually know what they’re talking about? 
In journalism, you need an answer for a question. Lisa would do her research, find the expert, and that’s who she would go to for those answers. It makes sense for business owners to do just that. You build a team, don’t waste your time or resources trying to be the expert somewhere you don’t need to be an expert. Let people help you.
At Blonde Raven, they give you the tools you need. No one could afford them full time. It’s just not realistic. But you can come to a workshop, get your training and help people know when it’s appropriate to hire a crew rather than just do it yourself. It’s important to know where those lines are, and who you can partner with in the moments you need that help. There is so much available now. 

Not Everyone is an Expert

Because everyone has a camera on them at all times now, and decent ones at that, so many people think they know what they’re doing when it comes to production. But there are certain things that only time and experience can teach you that will make you stand out, and bring the quality of what you’re doing to the professional level it needs to achieve. 
You want that content to represent your brand and your business well. If you had a brick & mortar place, you don’t want it to be messy. You don’t want dirty floors and countertops covered in crap. You’d never stand for that. So why would you want your content that is out there, with your face on it and the name of your company to look that way. It simply doesn’t make sense. There is so much available to arm yourself with, and you just have to make sure that you’re going to the right source.

The Last Bits

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If you’re in the San Diego area, we’d love to see you in person. We can help you start the journey for your new masterclass. You may have an awesome idea for a podcast. Maybe you're planning a Youtube show. Do you have training videos that need to be recorded? Whatever audio & video content you need to produce, we're here for you.

We’ve walked these pathways. We're looking forward to seeing you walk yours.

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