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Learning the Right Mindset
Welcome back to yet another installment of BetaHaus.Life! We are glad to have Shawn Tiberio in the studio with us today. Shawn is the #1 Results Coach, and if you’re not familiar with his work yet, you should go check out his website (www.shawntiberio.com) and his podcast (www.7figmindset.com) to get started with some amazing content. Shawn brings so much value into conversations, masterminds and every gathering that we’ve been to with him here in San Diego. 
The first time we met Shawn, we heard him tell his personal story that is full of hard turns and transitions, and since we’ve experienced some of those ourselves, we knew immediately that we wanted to have him in to talk about what it’s like to take hard turns while pursuing the right mindset. As you’ll find out, Shawn’s driven mindset is what has taken him from a sense of knowing he wasn’t in the right place and into his place of calling in life. He is an amazing coach, trainer & speaker & brings an intentional, practical & driven methodology for everyone he works with in the entrepreneurial world. We’re super excited to have him on the show today & very glad to introduce you to him if you don’t know him yet.

Back to the Beginning

Shawn began his story with an incident where, at age 17, he tricked his mom into signing early enlistment papers for the Marine Corps. He grew up in North East Ohio, and just wanted to get out after graduation. And while he wanted to start his time with the Marines on the east coast, he wound up going to the far east, and began his career in Japan instead. And while it was only intended to be a year long deployment, history had a different track for him. He joined pre-9/11 and arrived his first duty station just a few days afterward. 
After multiple deployments across 13 countries and 10 years, Shawn discovered it was time to make a change. Over Christmas dinner with his Italian family, he had that moment of revelation. His field of work had him in close proximity to explosives, and he had a few close calls that were too close, and being around family brought that all to bear for him. In that moment…the moment…where everything stops, time slows down, the realization hit. All the previous experiences, and the weight of the moment all came together in one, life changing moment.

Words Backed by Action

After making the decision, Shawn had to live with that choice. His father and grandfather (who had a background in the army) were very plain and open in their opinion of Shawn’s choice. “You’re an idiot,” was their shared reaction. That’s a tough spot to be in, being called out by your family, and most people would be tempted to fold under that pressure. When Shawn got on base after his leave expired, his commanding officer gave him the same assessment. But Shawn knew what he wanted, and as he said, “I’m a little like a bull in a china shop.” And he’s just going to barrel forward once his mind was made up.
Living in that in-between time is very strange. Shawn said that the doubts and second guessing definitely came around, but not in the slow times. He felt it most when things were moving quickly. There were processes and procedures that went along with his transition out, and as signatures went on papers, and as time ticked away, it all became very, very real. That’s when time started to slow down. He remained firm with himself, but there’s still that struggle of dealing with that time, and the feeling that someone, somewhere is keeping you from where you want to be.

So, What Do You Do Next?

When you’re walking away from what has been the last 10 years of you life, and into the unknown, is going to make you a little nervous. You’re going to experience some jitters and doubts even as you step out of one chapter of life and into another. There were emotional rollercoasters every single day. It’s just a part of the journey. Shawn knew he didn’t want to work for anyone else, but other than that, there was little to no direction. He wanted to do something for himself, but he was unaware of just how hard that would be. 
His dad wasn’t going to let him couch surf too long, and as that deadline of pay from leave wore down, and the future loomed over him. Bills needed to be paid, money had to come. So, Shawn used the programs the Marines offered and got his CDL to drive commercial trucks. With nothing but windshield time and his thoughts, Shawn found out that driving truck may feel like you’re working on your own, but you still have to answer to the man. There is still someone else determining your direction…quite literally. And so again, Shawn took a hard turn, away from what was in hand and toward something that would fulfill his desire to be self-reliant and self-driven.

Living in Control

Needless to say, when you’re in the middle of a hard turn in life, and dealing with the difficulties of transition, there’s a mix of feelings going on. For Shawn, there were twinges of the familiar that were pulling at him, along with the desire to drive forward with his plan, even if that plan wasn’t fully formed yet. Being in control is a good feeling, but without personal discipline, you’ll go nowhere quick. Moving from an environment of high discipline, like in the armed forces or in high capacity business positions, into an entrepreneurial world can be a very difficult shift. Moving from rigorous schedules that are essentially set for you to working for yourself on your own time and only being accountable to yourself can contain a massive learning curve.

Shawn identified this and set himself toward his goals. He knew he needed to trust himself, encouraging himself to press on for himself, not for anyone else, and that each step he took carried him closer to where he wanted to be. 

Getting Prepped for Next Steps

Coming out the military, there are a variety of programs that are in place, and have been, for personnel to receive education, to start working on degrees or to receive any number of helps, guides and instructions for whatever comes next in civilian life. In his coaching, Shawn was talking to a client who was transitioning out and who did take advantage of these programs. These were programs that he didn’t personally look into when he was making that transition. 
When we’re in transition, we’re looking for immediate solutions, but sometimes we need to slow down, see what resources are at hand and even think about what preparations could be made that will help set you up for success in lieu of just trying to make things work. It’s these moments where we pause that can give us the clarity of mind that we need to get our path secured. 

Time to Work Things Out

So, Shawn began his construction business. He knew the craft, he had neighbors and friends to get started with, and his displeasure with what had been going on was enough to get him propelled into action. On that first morning, he went to knock on doors, asked about people’s needs and “Mr. T’s Home Fixins” was born. Today, he cringes at the name, but it was his and he made it work for him. He began with a small job, painting an addition on a home. He loved it. But when that job was over, it was over. Self-discipline had to come back into play, business had to be drummed back up again. 
The school of hard-knocks & experience shapes a lot of us. Because of Shawn’s love for people who are serving in the military, and for finding regular, solid work for veterans, Shawn has started up a program to help make these steps easier for them. 
After 3 and half months, he found his rhythm, referrals were paying off and word of mouth was bringing in new business. He brought on a friend that needed some part-time work, and the front end side was getting done. It’s that back-end stuff, finances, taxes and other paperwork/admin tasks that we need to learn to pass off to experts. Do what you love, and pass the rest to people who know how to do those things well. 

Investing in Himself

About 9-10 months into the journey, Shawn attended a 3 day meet up. It was super educational for him, he was encouraged and his eyes were opened up to a totally different way of doing business. By putting himself in a place where he could learn, where eh could listen to experts, he was able to gain and grow from their experience. It was life-changing for him.

From here, Shawn would take lane changes rather than hard turns. He started to pick up steam, find his direction and harness his passions. He began to realize that he had been playing a smaller game than he intended. There was more potential than he thought he had. “Mr T’s” closed and “House to Home Properties” & “House to Home Construction” were born. He finally found what it looked like to grow the way he’d always wanted to grow. Things would begin to get pretty cool from here, and there was a deeper well to draw from now. 

Purpose for Each Day

Waking up in the morning with a passion and a clear vision was a beautiful place to be for Shawn. He says it’s kind of like a painter with a blank canvass. They may not know what they’re going to wind up with when they begin, but as they start to make some shapes a picture comes into being, and a masterpiece happens. Shawn felt this flow coming into his life, and he loved it. 
As time passed, Shawn’s experiences grew, his expertise was enhanced, and his skill sets developed more fully. One of the organizations that had been a part of his furthered education was based in Southern California, and they wound up making the invitation for him to make the move to San Diego to work directly for them. Knowing that leaving family behind is difficult, and that SoCal is expensive, timing had them asking right before another chilly Northern Ohio winter rolled around, and Shawn chose the sunshine and sandy beaches over the ice & snow.

The Joy of Your Calling

And so today, looking back, Shawn being brought into an environment that was so different than where he had been that it allowed him to truly find himself, be in a place where he can give back, and find a depth and fulfillment that he never had before. This is the impact of living in you calling. One of Shawn’s mentors told him, “You can have a job, you can have a career or you can have a calling. You can’t have all three.”

If Shawn hadn’t taken risks, stepped out to do something that may seem a little crazy, caught a little ridicule, and put his own neck on the line, then he never would have wound up where he is, and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than the path he’s on now, walking in his calling. 

The Last Bits

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