What is Beta Haus Studio?

We are a recording space designed with modern content creation in mind. We are currently in our first location breaking in our first studio. Our space is great for both basic and expert-level audio and video recording including podcasts, interviews, masterclasses; wherever your creative mind takes you. 

Elevate Your Game

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We have a list of approved videographers, sound technicians, and editors that we can connect with our. This subscription list has an application process to provide the best professionals. This allows us to be a matchmaker for the client and freelancer, hopefully creating wonderful, long lasting, working relationships.

How can Beta Haus Studio serve you?
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We're throwin' it down!

Here for you, from concept to final product.

Beta Haus Studio wants to put you, the creator, first, and then the creation of your content. Our first step is to find out more about you, so that the creation process fits your needs. Our packages are not a one-size fits all, instead, we offer customizable options that help keep you in control of the budget & feel. We allow you to handle as much or as little as you want in production. If you need a videographer, we have that, but if you can handle recording yourself, that’s cool, too. Need an editor? Great. Already a final cut or premiere ninja? That’s great, too.

We are here for the small business who knows they need some incredible content, but doesn’t have the budget for equipment or available space or maybe even the know how to record it themselves. We’re also here for the creators who have an idea and want to create some episodes on a trial basis before they invest in expensive gear. We’re also here for the creators who have been recording at home in their closets, and are ready to go to the next level.

I created the name Beta Haus Studio first as a play on my name ElizaBeth. I also loved the way that it implies that it’s okay to try something. It seems that life is always in Beta and I wanted to have a place where it was okay to try something new and not have to wait for it to be perfect. It’s been said that the perfect is the enemy of the good, because in waiting to create something perfect (which rarely to never occurs) creating something good is postponed sometimes indefinitely.

I want us to be a champion for the creation of the good, cutting the time and costs needed. I want people to be comfortable working & living in Beta.

Together We Grow Creativity

Beta Haus Studio is a part of your team.

As a solo YouTuber for years, it wasn’t until I started to reach out to others that I began to really grow. And it wasn’t until I had a team ready to support Beta Haus Studio, that it went from idea to reality. In a solopreneur world, it feels like we have to have all these extra skills on top of our area of expertise, when in reality the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” is still true. Teams can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a mastermind group. Sometimes it’s a coach. Sometimes it’s outsourcing to allow for more time in your area of expertise.

We want to be here to cheer you on as your business grows.

Beta Haus Studio is awesome for small business because we provide a way to record quality content (podcasts, short videos, etc) that you can use to promote what you are doing and get the word out about your business. Managed well, this marketing can even turn into revenue streams for your business, or even develop into a masterclass. We want you to be able to focus on what you know and do best, leaving the production side to us. That passion is why you went into business, not to become an expert in video and audio.

Your time as a small business owner is very valuable. We want to help maximize that time by matching you up with the correct production professionals. You could spend hours on Google reading review after review, and then interviewing looking for a good fit for your projects. We are always working on a list of vetted videographers, photographers, sound technicians, and editors we can match you with.

Beta Haus Studio values our community and wants to provide valuable resources for non-profits working hard to make our community a better place. On top of the benefits we provide to businesses, our studio is a great place to record training and promotional videos. Sometimes it can be difficult to get volunteers in one place to provide instruction and training. Recording videos and posting them on-line publicly, or privately, can allow you to handle the basics on the volunteer’s schedule, leaving you more time for things that require one on one attention.

We can also be the place to develop your leadership podcast, bringing even deeper value to the lives of your team.

Beta Haus Studio wants to partner with professionals involved in the various parts of content production. We have started a list for videographers, sound technicians, photographers, and editors. We are looking for people at different levels, and love full-time professionals, freelancers, and side-hustle creators.

We have set this up as a monthly subscription service that we will contact you when we have a client that matches up with you. If you bring outside clients into the studio, your fee is waved that month.

If this interests you, start the application process today!